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Announcing the publication of An Introduction to Island Studies.

An Introduction to Island Studies: Randall, James: 9781786615459: Books -
ISBN: 978-1-78661-546-6 (paperback) 7×10, 302 pages, $39.95 CDN Author: Dr. James E. Randall Publication date: October 2020 Island Studies Press at UPEI: (co-published with Rowman & Littlefield) Distribution: Nimbus Publishing, Halifax

A new book by UPEI professor Dr. James Randall offers up island studies as a tool to better understand our own world of islands. An Introduction to Island Studies is an approachable look at this interdisciplinary field — from islands as biodiversity hotspots, their settlement, human migration and occupation through to the place of islands in the popular imagination.


1. Definitions and Classifications of Islands

2. Physical Processes and Islands

3. Images of Islands from Literature and the Popular Media

4. The Settling of Islands and Indigenous-Outsider Interactions

5. Islands, Islandness, and Culture

6. Geopolitics and Island Governance

7. Islands, Population, and the Movement of People

8. Island Health and Epidemiology

9. Economic Change, Development, and Islands

10. Island Tourism

11. Islands in the Age of Sustainability and Sustainable Development