Jim Randall co-editing new series documenting island experiences with COVID-19

Together with Francesco Sindico at the University of Strathclyde, I have had the pleasure of co-editing a series of reports or vignettes on how various islands of the world are experiencing COVID-19. Bringing together experts from more than 24 islands, these short reports summarize the “statistics” of the pandemic on these islands, what sectors or groups have been most affected, and whether their governments have adopted any innovative strategies to address the virus. The reports also address how this pandemic may be influencing their goal of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The series has been organized by the Institute of Island Studies at the University of PEI, the U. of Strathclyde’s Centre for Environmental Law and Governance, and is being distributed on Island Innovation’s social media platform. All of the reports can be found at https://islandinnovation.co/category/partners/scelg-upei/

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