Jim Randall’s Presentation at Growth and Resilience Dialogue on St. Kitts

Dr. Jim Randall gives keynote at the 3rd Annual Growth and Resilience Dialogue on island of St. Kitts

Mar 14, 2019 | People

Dr. Jim Randall, coordinator of the Master of Arts in Island Studies program and UNESCO co-chair in Island Studies and Sustainability, recently gave a keynote address at the 3rd Annual Growth and Resilience Dialogue on the island of St. Kitts. This one-day symposium, organized and sponsored by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), included the prime minister or finance minister from eight Caribbean island countries, as well as members of the official oppositions, youth, civic society members, and church representatives.

Dr. Randall spoke on the topic of “Building Resilient Islands/Institutions for Growth and Sustainability: The Prince Edward Island and Institute of Island Studies Experience.” As he noted, “It is not often that you have an opportunity to address stakeholders from so many different groups. I commend the ECCB for hosting this event. A dialogue like this is one of the best ways to implement policy in a collaborative rather than an adversarial way.” 

Dr. Randall’s PowerPoint presentation can be found on the UNESCO Chair website.

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